Head professional

Our CPGA trained head professional, Daniel Bogan, is there to ensure that the members enjoy playing and reach their full potential.

His competitive accomplishments include winning the E.T.I.A.C individual championship in 1996 as a senior in high school. He has played on various professional tours such as the Quebec Pro Golf Tour, Canadian Tour, Great Lakes Tour, Hooters Tour and the Golden Bear Tour.

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Pro's Corner - May 26th, 2016 

Pro's news:

The Golf Season is in full swing with the first T.G.I.F of the season in the books. We had a total of 12 players and from the comments I over heard all had a great time in the new relaxed atmosphere. Congratulations to this week's low point totals Mrs. Anne Edwards and Mr. Peter Janson. Please remember the T.G.I.F is open to all Members, men and women, looking for a fun game every Friday at 1 :00.

Also please remember that for any member looking for a game on Saturdays we offer the same format as the T.G.I.F. Times alternate each Saturday with one Saturday being 8 :30 and the following being 10 :30. This Saturday falls on a 8 :30 start so please call the Proshop to register or if you have any questions.

Pro's tip:

When guys in particular want some extra yards, they usually stand farther from the ball and really stretch out their arms. They feel more powerful in this extended position. But the reality is, they end up producing less swing speed and hitting a weak drive to the right. Let me explain.

The problem with extending your arms is, you get more bent over, and your weight moves out to your toes. When you swing from there, gravity pulls you out even farther, so you react by pulling up to save your balance. That causes the clubhead to swing across the line from out to in. You might hit a strong pull, but chances are, you're going to wipe across the ball and send it slicing.

A better approach if you want more distance is to set up to hit a draw. Start with your arms relaxed and hanging comfortably from your shoulders, then take a closed stance, with your feet, hips and shoulders aimed to the right of your target. Then try to swing out to the right and hit the inside part of the ball. Think of it like a big, sweeping forehand in tennis. You'll sling the club through and rotate your right arm over your left. That's a draw and that's real power.

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Dan Bogan
Head Professional