Club Philosophy and Statement of Values

Our Club's Philosophy

The Knowlton Golf Club is a private golf club dedicated to the spirit of golf at its most authentic. Our members choose the Knowlton Golf Club because of our sustained commitment to excellence. Our mission is to provide an environment where members gather to foster and enjoy the traditions of the game of golf in unique and informal surroundings.

Our Club's Statement of Values

The members of the Knowlton Golf Club have the utmost respect for their fellow members and the game of golf. Members believe that their Club should provide a quality experience in every aspect of its operation.
In accordance with these beliefs, members will:

  • Nurture a culture that is member focused
  • Ensure that the Club's governance is responsible, transparent and accountable
  • Encourage participation by members and their families in Club activities
  • Promote a sense of friendship and community
  • Introduce prospective members who share the values of our Club and respect its history and traditions. Furthermore, members take an active role in their orientation and integration

Club rules must be interpreted in compliance with the Club's Philosophy and Statement of Values.  They apply to all categories of members, unless specified otherwise.